Change Lat and Lng Lables To Another Language

Hello, I’m new to MapWinGIS.
I have two questions.

First, I tried to change the ShapeFile created with the Mercator projection to the Lambart Azimuthal Equal Area projection using MapWinGIS, but failed.
To solve this, whenever the center of the map is changed, a script written in Python is called to change the projection and then ShapeFile is called again.
However, when calling again, I used the Axmap.CurrentZoom value to maintain the zoom level before the change, but in some cases, CurrentZoom does not change and is fixed to -1.
If you know of a solution, please let me know.

As shown in the figure below, I want to change the text of latitude and longitude lables which displayed on the upper right of AxMap Component to a UTF-8 language not English.
If you know a way, please let me know.


Sorry for the late reply.

When you set the Geoprojection of your map to Lambart Azimuthal Equal Area, before you load any data and then load the shapefile it will reproject on the fly. See also GlobalSettings.ReprojectLayersOnAdding

You can also use Shapefile.Reproject () or Shapefile.ReprojectInPlace()

At this moment we have no option to localize labels like the Lat, Long labels.