Create a Polyline shapefile from lat lon

Hi Pmeem,

Can we create a polyline (I mean multiple line) shapefile? Any code to share? I can create a shapefile with a single line.


Nobpdy has any thing to share with creating polyline shapefile?

Hello @lang

It’s not quite clear what you’re asking. If you simply want to create a Shapefile with multiple Shapes, each of which is a polyline, you can refer to the sample code to create a Polygon shapefile, with the only difference being that the Shapes you add would be polylines instead.

On the other hand, if you’re asking about multi-part polylines, where a single shape can consist of multiple parts, I don’t have a sample off-hand, but it would involve either the set_Part or InsertPart methods of the Shape class, which you would call while adding points to the Shape.

I hope that helps.

Hi Jerry,
Thanks for the guidance! I’ll do accordingly and let you know the result.