Display of wms map in MapWinGIS not as clear as in QGIS

I have a problem with the display of maps from a wms server. When I view the map images in QGIS (using exactly the same url) they display nice and sharp. However, in MapWinGIS I can load the wms but it isn’t clear or as sharp as the image in QGIS. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong seeing as the underlying data source is the same.
The map control is set to have a projection of none, and GrabProjectionFromData=True.
I have tried almost every different setting, projection and combination of settings I can think of but nothing seems to improve the image.
I’ve attached the image of the less clear map in MapWinGIS (note the road labels are skewed whereas they are nicely aligned to the road in QGIS), as well as the code I am using.
Any advice appreciated. Regards, Tom

Private Sub SetupMap()

        EditMap.TileProvider = MapWinGIS.tkTileProvider.ProviderNone

        Dim objWmsLayer = New MapWinGIS.WmsLayer
        Dim objExtents = New MapWinGIS.Extents

        'Extents 3857
        objExtents.SetBounds(-841259.0, 6405988.0, 0, 404314.0, 8733289.0, 0)

        objWmsLayer.BaseUrl = "https://api.__________________________l"
        objWmsLayer.BoundingBox = objExtents
        objWmsLayer.Epsg = 3857
        objWmsLayer.Format = "image/png"
        objWmsLayer.Layers = "OS MasterMap Topo Schema9"
        objWmsLayer.Name = "EmapOS"
        objWmsLayer.Version = tkWmsVersion.wvAuto

        Dim intlayerhandle As Integer = -1
        intlayerhandle = EditMap.AddLayer(objWmsLayer, True)
        EditMap.set_LayerVisible(intlayerhandle, True)

    End Sub

This is the comparison image, using the same base url in QGIS, in 3857 projection.