Filling single polygons

I’m trying to fill some individual polygons in a shapefile. I can find the polygons, but I can’t find a method to fill them, something along the lines of the (sadly) now depreciated map.set_ShapeLayerFillColor(hndl, shapenum, color)?
I suspect that the answer is ‘Categories’. If so, I hope somebody can point me at some documentation how to work with categories, especially regarding single shapes in a layer?

Hello again.

Some methods still exist, specifying fills and patterns for the entire layer, but alas, the individual Shape fill methods have gone away. I admit that although Categories provide a powerful way to set up custom rendering, the simple cases may become more tedious. In small samples, I have had to set up a Category for every feature in the layer just to get the control I wanted. But of course, this cannot as easily be done with large data sets.