Here Map Tiles - provider URL changed and cant add provider in AxMap V

Hi All,
Have notice that the “Here Maps” tile provider URL for terrain, hybrid or satellite has changed and is not operational in AxMap V5.2.4.0. The base standard “Here” map URL is working.
The new URL is
where the one that is in the program is

Also, have found an issue where it is not possible to add a tile provider in this version when compiling as 64bit with the following:

        Dim ans As Integer = AxMap1.Tiles.Providers.Add(17, "HereTerrain", "{z}/{x}/{y}/256/png8", tkTileProjection.SphericalMercator, 0, 18)

The above throws a System.AccessViolationException.

The code compiles okay when 32 bit build is set, but the version of MapWin changes to 4.9.XX, and other isssues seperate from above occur.

Again, any help appreciated,


Hello Terry.

I you don’t mind building a debug version of the 64-bit OCX, we can then determine where the Exception is being thrown, and then hopefully determine a fix.


Regarding the URL, it looks like all of the HERE provider definitions in the OCX (Maps, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain) are using the “http” protocol. Should they all now be ‘https’ ?

Morning Jerry/All,
Have fixed the issue with the exception on adding the tile providers. The issue of the exception also was seen when loading a shape file from a PostGIS datbase using the Ogr facility.
The issue was having legacy versions of the OCX registered and on the machine, and using the 64 bit version with VS2017.
It was fixed by unisnatlling and unregistering the OCX using the unregMapWinGIS.cmd and re-installing the latest version as 32 bit only, (not 64 Bit, as using VS2017 with I had also installed the 64 bit at some stage but noticed the comment "This is because Visual Studio cannot handle 64-Bit ActiveX controls." on the install instruction web page for the control.

The issue with “Here” maps is still present, and this is due to the inbuilt server url being different to the latest version, with modified line of "" compared to "" and also being https.

Thanks for your help on this, stay safe,