How to remove black matte in Image?

The nodata of image is null,so it exist black matte.

I used myImage.SetNodataValue(0,ref result),it work out,but all black pixels will be remove.

So how to remove black matte ,or update the nodataValue of image like arcmap.

my software is v5.2.4.

I got some reason.

Because one of the pixels bands is 0 , the pixels will be nodata.

So I want to set nodata value for every bands,but the mapwingis can ’ t set,like this:image.get_Band(0).NodataValue = 0

it exist bug:the NodataValue is don’t have “set function”.

Can you show us the output of Utils.GdalInfo()

You can also have a look at Utils.GridInterpolateNoData()