Maidenhead grid layer

I need to have a scalable Maidenhead grid layer on my world OSM map. I am very new to MapWinGIS and am wondering what the best way to proceed is?

Maidenhead can be done as a calculation for an area rectangle, essentially putting the definitions in a table and possibly MapWinGIS iterates for each line in the table? Seems like that would become processor intensive when scaling?

What I need to do is this :
However the above is done with a leaflet which I don’t believe is an option for MapWinGIS?

Some guidance on the proper way to proceed would be very helpful.

Hello @Daniac

In the past, I have had to draw UTM Grids on a map (usually in 1-kilometer squares). This was only for a relatively small geographic area, and I created loops to generate the horizontal and vertical lines to create the grid in a Shapefile layer. Once created, they simply redraw like any other layer, in the proper position.

You could likely do the same, if you know the rules for where the lines belong. Based on that sample, there are not that many lines necessary to cover the world.

Let me know if you need more specific direction.


Follow-up: If you need the labels also, then you may need to create polygons instead, with centered labels.

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Hello again, @Daniac

I have to take back everything I said, since I now realize that the world view was simplified, and that once you zoom in, you see greater levels of detail in the grid. I will have to think more about this.


I would be happy with just the top level granularity and not have the sub grids, the sub grids get kind of messy.

Hello again.

Based on your statement, I have undeleted my earlier comment, which you may or may not have seen after it was originally posted. I should not be difficult to create the top-level grid.


Thanks Jerry, I do want the labeling so that post is quite helpful as well.