Marking multiple location over Map


I’m new to the GIS world, and for practice, I’m creating a desktop application where I have to show a road map with multiple markings of equipment placed in that road section. No user interaction is needed, just the color of the markings should change according to the connectivity of the equipment. Below is the Sample.

I tried and was able to load shape files and even able to create the new shape file which mark all locations using UTM coordinate system by uploading a CSV file.

Code to create shape file:

static void Main(string args)
//Create new shapefile
Shapefile myShapefile = new Shapefile();
//Define the path of the new shapefile and geometry type
myShapefile.CreateNew(@“F:\New Devlop try\Not Online\gisMap\Resourse\cctv.shp”, ShpfileType.SHP_POINT);
//Create new field
MapWinGIS.Field myField = new Field();
//Set the field properties
myField.Name = “ID”;
myField.Type = FieldType.INTEGER_FIELD;
myField.Width = 10;
//Add the filed for the shapefile table
int intFieldIndex = 0;
myShapefile.EditInsertField(myField, ref intFieldIndex, null);

        System.IO.StreamReader myFile =

new System.IO.StreamReader(@“F:\New Devlop try\Not Online\gisMap\Resourse\cctv.csv”);
// Using while loop to read csv file line by line
while ((myLine = myFile.ReadLine()) != null)
if (myCounter > 0)
MapWinGIS.Shape myShape = new Shape();
MapWinGIS.Point myPoint = new Point();
myPoint.x = GetX(myLine);
myPoint.y = GetY(myLine);
int myPointIndex = 0;
myShape.InsertPoint(myPoint, ref myPointIndex);
myShapefile.EditInsertShape(myShape, ref myShapeIndex);




Loading the shape file

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
int intHandler1; //integer index to handle the layer
//create a new instance for MapWinGIS.Shapefile
//MapWinGIS.Shapefile is a data provider for ESRI Shapefile
MapWinGIS.Shapefile shapefile1 = new MapWinGIS.Shapefile();
//Define the data source for MapWinGIS.Shapefile instance
shapefile1.Open(@“F:\New Devlop try\Not Online\gisMap\Resourse\cctv.shp”, null);
//display the layer on the map
intHandler1 = axMap1.AddLayer(shapefile1, true);


This is what I’m able to do till now:

But after this, I’m clueless about what to do or how to proceed further. As it’s not near to what I’m trying to achieve. any help will be a great help.