Point Shape Rotation issue in MapWinGIS 5.2.4 OCX

Hi Team,

I just started using the latest version of MapWinGIS 5.2.4 and found rotation issues for point shape file.
Checked the same in Mapwindow 5.6.3 application and found the same issue there also.
I didn’t find the issue in earlier version I used i.e. 4.9.5.

I noticed there are two types of rotation issues while setting default layer style to Point & Characters.
Below are some points after some R&D

  1. Layer Style = Points

    • Point symbol is rotated twice of the angle set by me.
    • Selection Symbol rotation is correct.
  2. Layer Style = Characters

    • Point symbol is rotated correctly by the angle set by me.
    • Selection Symbol rotation is not at all rotated (angle = 0).

Attached snapshots for your reference.

Please check.

Thank you.


I can confirm this when drawing simple point shapes. Square is rotated 45 degrees. Triangles (up/down/left) have incorrect rotation.

Quick investigation and in my case it is due to line 1044 in ShapeFileDrawing.cpp:

Thank you. I’ll set up a test and step through it.