SnapShot with scale bar

Is there a way to include the map scale bar in the image that is output from the SnapShot function? When I use the function, the scale bar on the map is always missing on the map image and I cannot find a setting to keep it. Any suggestions would be very welcome.



Hello @JohnTz

I just checked the code, and it is hard-coded to exclude both the Scale bar and the Zoom bar when drawing a snapshot. I don’t know the history or the reasoning (it probably makes sense to exclude the Zoom bar, but it would seem like the Scale bar would be helpful to include). I would take a code change to include it. I will explore it further.


Thanks Jerry

Good to know it’s not me doing something wrong ;-). I’ve cobbled together a temporary fix that captures the part of the screen within my app that displays the map (and thus the scale bar as well) - not ideal and not 100% reliable, but it will do for now, and I’ll keep any eye out for any updates that fix this.

Kind regards