Test if point inside polygon VBA

I’m trying to test if a point is insde a polygon. Polygon is stored in SHP file. Coordinate system WGS-84. Point coordinates are known (i.e. 55.638717,37.459322). How to specify the coordinates of a point to test if a point is insde a polygon?

Sub test()
Dim SNT As New MapWinGIS.ShapeFile
Dim ShapeFile As New MapWinGIS.ShapeFile
Dim TestSHP As New MapWinGIS.Shape
Dim a, b, c

SNT.Open ("D:\TEMPtemp\MyShp.shp")
a = TestSHP.ImportFromWKT("POINT (4169952.65050127 7486828.05204518 0)")
b = ShapeFile.EditAddShape(TestSHP)
Set c = SNT.GetIntersection(False, ShapeFile, False, SHP_NULLSHAPE)

End Sub

a = True, b = -1, c is Nothing
What should I do next?
I would be very happy to receive any help.
Best regards Clapter.

I answer myself:

SNT.Open ("D:\TEMPtemp\MyShp.shp")
xx = 4169952.65050127
yy = 7486828.05204518
SNT.BeginPointInShapefile 'doesn't work at all without this
a = SNT.PointInShapefile(xx, yy)
If a > 0 Then
  ' Point in Shape!
End if

Example helped me:

Best regards, Clapter.

Yes Clapter, that is the correct process.

Here’s the official documentation: MapWinGIS: Shapefile optimizations