True Type Font Symbols

Hi Jerry

MapWinGis Version v5.2.4-x64VS2017 used in MS Access 365.

Is it possible to use True Type Font symbols for points (from shapefile) instead of the 16 predefined symbols that work with SetDefaultPointSymbol?


I found the solution . . .

sf(i).DefaultDrawingOptions. .PointType = ptSymbolFontCharacter
to specify using font characters for points.

Then use
sf(i).DefaultDrawingOptions.PointCharacter = Symbol
to set the characters ANSI Character code.

As shown in the following sample code:

                    With sf(i).DefaultDrawingOptions
                              .PointType = ptSymbolFontCharacter
                              .FontName = "Pillar Map"
                              .FillColor = RGB(RGB_RED, RGB_GREEN, RGB_BLUE)
                              .PointCharacter = Symbol
                              .PointSize = Size
                              .Visible = True
                    End With
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