Workaround GeoPackage -> load mw_symb styles

Dear folks and thanks a lot for working on this awesome MapControl!

Instead of using a PostGIS database I would like to store my files in a GeoPackage.

Saving the style of a OgrLayer creates a file geopackagename.mwsymb. This works fine, although I am only able to use the Geopackage with only a single mwsymb file.

I’ve tried to create a table mw_styles in my GeoPackage in accordance to your PostGIS example (which is working in PostGIS!)


I’ve tried different layernames - but none is working.

Hiere is my code for loading the Geopackage → Polygon Layer

            OgrDatasource dbSource = new OgrDatasource();

             int layerHandle = axMap1.AddLayerFromDatabase(filename, "Polygon", visible);
               OgrLayer layer = axMap1.get_OgrLayer(layerHandle);
               int numStyles = layer.GetNumStyles();

returns numStyles is 0.

Do I miss here something? Is there any possibility to store and apply the styles from the Geopackage)?
Thanks a lot in advance!