Are ActiveX methods case sensitive (VFP 9)

I’m working with the MapWinGIS 5.3 ActiveX control using Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9 (VFP SP2).
My attempts to call the AXmap.get_Shapefile(nhandle) is failing with an OLE Error ‘Unknown Name’.

I do not see most of the control’s methods in the IDE properties sheet. Maybe they are there but simply not visible.

I’ve discovered that VFP forces all COM functions called to lower case. This means effectively that Visual FoxPro can only call lower case functions. While MY source code may be properly cased as shown in the documentation: AXmap.get_Shapefile(nhandle) the OCX control, via COM interop, may be seeing get_shapefile(nhandle) as all lower case.

Could this be the reason that I receive the OLE Error ‘Unknown Name’ ?
Are the methods and functions of the ActiveX control case sensitive?



UPDATE: This issue seems to be resolved. Jerry Faust was kind enough to point out that in some legacy products like VB6 and VFP the ‘get_’ prefix to the method is not used. When I changed my VFP code to simply call AXMap.shapefile(nhandle) instead, I was able to get a reference to the shapefile object as desired.