AxMap.ReSourceLayer not in 5.2

Used AxMap.ReSourceLayer in 4.9
Worked great but it does not seam to be in 5.2

Hello @ijsheffield1 , and welcome.

The source code hasn’t changed for some years in this method (and the next method down the chain).

Could you provide a small sample of your usage? Perhaps it will shed some light…


I am trying to move several applications from mw4.9 to mw5.2, and this is my biggest issue so far.
One pc using Visual Studio 2019 andmw4.9.4.2 ResourceLayer works fine.

On a different pc using Visual Studio 2019 andmw5.2, I get no ResourceLayer.
VS2019 says ResourceLayer is not a memeber of AxMAp
I am using the 32bit version.

Hello again.

Thanks for the detail. I looked through the history, and the ResourceLayer call was inadvertently (or mistakenly) removed from the IDL file when some new methods were added (back in 2019; it must be used very often).

I will put it back into the IDL file to make it visible again. This should make it into the next build.


Thanks, Jerry.
Regarding it not being used very much.
It is the best way I have found to swap out georeferenced floorplans so that my users can
see for example a basic floorplan or switch to an image of the same plan but with electrical or plumbing.
If there is a more efficient method of swapping image layers, I would love to find out how.
Thanks again.