cmAddShape mode can't add shape

I have set the map to AddShape mode , set shapefile InteractiveEditing property as true and set layerHandle in ChooseLayerMap function.
I see have entered AddShape mode, but nothing happens when I click the mouse.Every time left-click on the map, I will enter the ChooselayerMap function. According to the documentation, enter this function only on the first left-click, I was very confused.

Hello @zcwbnu

One of these days I’m gonna have to get more familiar with the built-in editing. I’ve always written custom editing since you have more control over the behavior.

I presume that you are handling the ChooseLayer function by specifying the layer handle of the layer you want to edit?

e.LayerHandle = myLayerHandle;

Thank you for you reply@jerryfaust. Yes,I specified the layer handle of the layer.
When I manually call AddPoint(), the AddShape Tool works, however, call GetValidatedShape() return NULL. I don’t know why the SHAPE I created by tool is invalid.

I have add the shape, and savechanges() is OK ,but I can’t see the saved shape,Where did I save it?I have add the shapefie to map and redraw map.
tkEditorState es = m_se->GetEditorState();
VARIANT_BOOL b= m_se->SaveChanges();//return true
m_shp = m_se->GetValidatedShape();//return null