Drawing labels with no border and transparent background

I’m taking over a very old mapwindow project done in Access. The previous folks have pretty much messed it up and have lost a lot of functionality.

I’m new to MW but have figured out a few things. But now I’m trying to draw a label, or some text on the map, but not have the box around it, and have the “box” be transparent so it doesn’t cover details on the map.
Is this possible? It does seem they were doing this in a previous version, but none of that is working now.

I’ve used both:
mapCtl.DrawLabelEx hDraw, “test”, opt.x, opt.Y, 0

And the longer:
Dim lbl As New MapWinGIS.Labels
lbl.FontName = “Arial”
lbl.FontColor = RGB(0,255,255)
Set lbl = mapCtl.DrawingLabels(hDraw)
lbl.Visible = True
lbl.AddLabel “Test”,opt.x,opt.y,0,-1

They both look the same.


I figured it out. Missed it in the intellisense that Access was bringing up.

I’m sure I’ll have more questions.

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