Extract shape editor toolbar from MapWindow5

I’m trying to do buttons with the same functionality as the Shape editor toolbar in a winform with mapwingis, but I’m having a lot of problems (I’m noob). It’s possible to export the whole toolbar easily?


You can have a look at the source code of MW5 and extract the code for the toolbar.
But it might be much easier to create a plug-in for MW5 instead of building your own application using MapWinGIS.

With a plug-in you’ll only need to create your business logic and re-use everything from MW5.
We have a template plug-in which will bring you up to speed available in the release section on github.

I’ll take a look, but I need it in a windows form to implement it in my general project. I only need something like a GIS visor window for edit layers and its attributes. Is it possible to do with the plugin template?

If you need to integrate it in an existing project using MapWinGIS might be easier.
The code for the shapefile editor can be found at GitHub