Georreference Image

Hi! I have an image that I want to import on the map in a specific position.
I have the coordinates (Lat, Lon) of the four corners of the image.

Can someone help me?

I’m new to MapWinGIS and I need help. Thanks

Hello @Paulahs, and welcome.

I’m not strong in imagery, but I did find this link. It refers to GDAL tools which are an open source library that we use internally. Let me know if this helps.



I also found references to the georeferencing tool built into QGIS, if you wanted to download that application.

there is image registration plugin in MapWindow5, check out the class GaussEliminationSolver for how to generate a world file. Once the world file is generated, the image can be loaded by function Image.Open(). Be aware to use the same map projection in MapWinGIS map control as the one when generating world file. Hope this will help you.