How do I draw line between two geo coordinates?

Hi, I am new to MapWingis and I really need some help. I am making a small WindowsForm app to find a draw the best route between two points.

I am loading the map from OpenStreetMap, then I move to a city (by clicking a button) and click two points; with some http request and logic I get a set of nodes (lat,lon) which contains the route between said points. The problem is I do not know how to draw lines between each pair of nodes to form the route.

I have read the documentation, searched on Google, Youtube, etc, but there are no examples on AxMap.DrawLine(). I have tried creating a handler and then drawing, but the route does not scale when zooming in/out and it stays fixed on the same screen position even when I move (pan) the map around.

So can you help me in how can I draw a route (line between geo coordinates) that scales with zooming and moves along with the map (when panning)?

Thank you very much.

Never mind, figure it out