I just released the stable release of MapWinGIS v5.3

I just released the stable release of MapWinGIS v5.3

Please download and try it, and let us know on this forum if you run into trouble.

Most work has been done by @jerryfaust


Thank you, Paul (@pmeems).

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thank you, good job ,i will test it

Thanks for this. I have installed it and notice that the version of gdal shipped with MarWinGIS has gone “backwards” at some point. In 5.2.4 it was v2.4.4 and now it is 2.4.3.

It turns out that this was the issue for this WFS issue:

With 2.4.4 the WFS works, with 2.4.3 it does not.

Is there any reason the gdal version has gone backwards - if not, could it be updated in the installer please?

If I want to use 5.3, can I just copy the 2.4.4 version of gdal204.dll into the folder, or are there more files I need to take too?


Rob H

The reason I went to a previous version is that GisInternals is no longer hosting GDALv2.4.4

At this moment we are working on moving to GDAL3+. This is still a work in progress, but you could have a look at our bleeding edge versions at Actions · MapWindow/MapWinGIS · GitHub
Just click on the last successful build and download the binaries from the artifacts section.

We don’t yet create installers and we try to be backward-compatible as much as possible.
Please give it a try and let us know in this forum if you run into issues.

I missed this post - thanks for the explanation @pmeems. I’m probably misunderstanding, but GDAL 2.4.4 seems to be on the gisinternals site?

I will try and make some time to look at the GDAL3 version next week.

Rob H

@pmeems I’ve been trying to build the GDAL3+ branch, but it seems that the:


files are missing from that branch, e.g. the header. Am I doing something wrong?

We haven’t yet documented the new steps, but for LibSpatial we’re using the vcpkg package.

When you run InstallVcpkgPackages.ps1 the necessary steps are performed.
Jerry and I have this setup running and it is running in the CI/CD pipeline of Github.
Please let me know when you run into problems. The goal is to make the build simpler :wink:

MapWinGis works perfectly

How can I get more detailed instructions? I’m stuck on this point and can’t compile the new version of MapWinGIS

good day everyone,
is mapwingis can use with vs2019?


Yes, I have it working with both VS2019 and VS2022