Loading map data in online and offline mode

I have shapefile map data located in local drive in my PC.
I loaded this map data by using mapwingis dll.

  1. If I am online, I can zoom in and result is good resolution. See the result please:

  2. If I am offline, I can zoom in and result is bad resolution. See the result please:

If I am loading map data from local drive, why internet network plays a role? I am not loading map data from internet. I don’t understand this. Please can you explain it?

Most of what you’re seeing is downloaded from OpenStreetMaps. That is not your data. When you disconnect from the Internet, some of the OpenStreetMaps imagery is cached and it tries to display that, but it can no longer refresh it for each zoom level.

Try turning off OpenStreetMaps so that you can see your data only.

axMap1.TileProvider = tkTileProvider.ProviderNone;

I am making offline solution.

Is It possible to cached whole map into local drive of PC and use it in good resolution for every zoom level ?

Hello Kayumiy.

I don’t know the answer. I know that you can download Open Street Maps data, and I know that an enhancement was made to the the library to support tiles from the local file system, but there are certainly some details to be worked out along the way. If you are able to work it out, perhaps you can post back your results.


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hj Kayumiy. Currently, I want to display openstreetmap in offline mode like you. Have you find a solution in your problem, yet?. If you done, could you help me. thanks a lot

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Not yet,

maybe this link will help you.
But I have not figured out yet

Here’s some more documentation about the Tiles class.

The Tiles class also has a Prefetch() method.

Let us know if and how you got this working.

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