Offline only mode does not read from disk cache

I have run into a problem regarding using MapWinGIS as an offline map.
After setting the DiskCacheFilename the map is not correctly drawn when offline.

axMap1.Tiles.DiskCacheFilename = “C:\dev\Test\map1.db3”;

I have set all the relevant settings i could find:
axMap1.Tiles.MaxCacheSize[tkCacheType.Disk] = 2000;
axMap1.Tiles.UseCache[tkCacheType.Disk] = true;
axMap1.Tiles.DoCaching[tkCacheType.Disk] = true;

If I launch the program first and then disconnect from the internet - the map is correctly updated when i move about.
Only when I launch the map in offline mode I just see a white screen with no cached map.
I am assuming some settings changes when the map first requests a tile from a tile provider.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
Have a good day :slight_smile: