MapWinGis 4.8 set_ShapeSelected

Good pm folks,
Quick question, i am using 4.8 and in the documentation it provides a shapefile method set_ShapeSelected as shown below
sf.set_ShapeSelected(shapes(i), True)
when iterating through a list of shapes selected via SelectBoxFinal Event.

the set_ShapeSelected method is not a member of MapWinGis.Shapefile
i have the appropriate namespaces referenced as per examples.
This seems unusual, in the documentation for 4.8 it is shown within an example in C#
Has anyone got an idea of how to resolve this?

regards Mike

Hello @MikeConroy

The documentation may be misleading. Although the get_ and set_ShapeSelected methods are implemented internally (in the c++ code) as methods, depending upon the language, they may be exposed as a single ShapeSelected property. In a quick test, with both c# and VB, you call ShapeSelected as a property, as follows:

sf.ShapeSelected(i) = True

boolVariable = sf.ShapeSelected(i)

See if that works.


Thanks Jerry,

yes that fixed it, I should have taken notice of intellisense

Regards Mike