MapWinGIS in a MS Access Report


I am trying to put a map in a MS Access report. The map never gets generated during printing, or print preview. I have tried the usual events, no luck.


Hello Stu.

One option, if acceptable, is to get an image of the current map using one of the Snapshot methods (returning a MapWinGIS Image object), and either embed it directly into the report (if that’s possible) or save to disk, and include that in the report.

As an aside, I did have a project once in which I was setting the map control into a Window of another application, and I did it using the Windows API SetParent call. Not sure if that is an option for you, or if it would work in that environment…


Thanks Jerry

I will try both methods.


On the Snapshot method.

MS Access lets you link to an image. snapshot generates the image to a file, the image file is liked in the report