MapWinGis LoadMapState

Hi guys and thank you for sharing this fantastic control.
I would like to use it in an old VB.Net 2015 application and in the next C# VS2019 applications.

With my application, I would like to provide the customer with an already themed map consisting of a set of vector and/or raster layers.
So, when the customer opens the map in my application, he finds an already configured map (layer order, layer style, layer scale, labels, etc.).

The question is…how can I generate a preconfigured “MapState”? Since there is currently no legend object such as MapWindow, do I have to write all the Vb.Net code to customize each single layer?
To speed up the development of the application, I initially thought not to develop all the code for a legend object or for the customization of the layers.

So I thought about generating a preconfigured “MapState” using MapWindow 5.5 (mwproj file) and opening this file from my application using the “LoadMapState” method.
Unfortunately, it seems that the “LoadMapState” method is unable to read the MapWindow mwproj files.
Is there any way to make the MapWindow mwproj file compatible with the MapWinGis “LoadMapState” method?

Another question if I am allowed…
With MapWindow/MapWinGis I can’t open and view any ECW file, I get the error “Failed to open datasource: EcwFile. Unsupported datasource format. It may be caused by GlobalSettings.GdalPluginPath pointing to the wrong folder
I also tried to install the “gdal-300-1900-core.msi”, “gdal-300-1900-ecw-53.msi” and “ECWJP2SDKSetup_5.4.0.exe” components, but the problem is not solved.
Any ideas?

Thank you in advance
Best Regards