MouseDown fires only with right Mouse-Button?


i’m struggeling with a strange behaviour of the ocx:
Using it in a vba form of ms access, but the MouseDown-Event only gets fired when i use the right mouse button, - never when using the left mouse button.
I tried whatever settings available, like this:

Me.MapMain.SendMouseDown = True
Me.MapMain.TrapRMouseDown = False
Me.MapMain.SendMouseUp = False

but even with TrapRMouseDown = false the MouseDown-Event gets fired when using the right mouse button.
Anybody any idea what I’m doing wrong here?

thanks in advance

…ok, - it seems to depend on the CursorMode if MouseDown is fired,
with cmNone MouseDown is fired with left mouse button also.

Would be good to have documented, wich cursormodes fire mousedown, and wich not.


Hello @jTati

Yes, I will agree that the documentation could be clearer. It says within the CursorMode topic

The cursor mode determines how the map handles mouse click events on the map. The only mode not handled by the map is cmNone.

which is another way of saying “all other modes handle the Mouse Down event”, and don’t pass it on.

All of the built-in Edit tools (cursor modes) of the map are intercepting the Mouse Down and applying it to the specific tool. So if you want to do something with the Mouse Down, you have to turn off all other built-in tools, by selecting cmNone.


Hi Jerry,

thanks for your explanations. I didn’t even find that part of the documentation you mentioned. To search in CursorMode-topics you need to be aware, that this has something to do with the bare existence of the mouse down event.
Anyway, - thanks and regards