.NET Version of MapWinGIS

Do you plan to migrate the MapWinGIS from OCX to .NET DLL.?

It will be very good tool, mostly the only one in the world, what works well with SHAPE (.SHP) FILES…

Please check possibility to rewrite it to the .NET Framework for WinFowms.


Yes. Great question. I am all c#. Stay away from anything OCX or COM. So didn’t go with MapWindow but would have. Instead went with DevExpress. DevExpress is more “maps” than “GIS” but can be incorporated elegantly, both code wise and GUI. Keeping an eye on QGIS and MapWindow though.

Yury’s question though is a .Net version being worked on, planned or not even considered? Would like to know.

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Nice post, thanks.
Yes, I am looking for a component like MapWinGIS but on pure .NET (C# or VB), and not OCX/COM…
presently I am using GMap.NET, it is a really great component, but it does not work with shape files, only cached tiles. But I need vector map now and MapWinGIS showing good results.

Can’t normally use it due to problems with sooo many dependant libs to be shipped with soft and, such a pity, but cant use x32 version with VS2022… Only x64 when my project to be x86 due to other libs to be also x86 only.

So hopping to see this tool under .NET language.

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You could check out DotSpatial.
GitHub - DotSpatial/DotSpatial: Geographic information system library written for .NET

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Thanks. I will check it.

Check out SharpMap: GitHub - SharpMap/SharpMap: An easy-to-use mapping library for use in web and desktop applications

It’s all C# with support for vector layer and raster layer.

Thanks to all you guys, Looking in both .Spatial and SharpMap. Hope one of it will use, but problem for me is to minimize a DLL files along with my app. Both these libs using so many dependencies.