What are the compatibilities for mapwingis 5.3

I tried to work with map win gis 5.3 in vscode 2022 everything was installed and i did all the installation and server connection but there was a problem pooping up when i use the map control that activex control is not working and to register properly . Can anyone tell what went wrong and what I should be using or is there any compatibilities issue.

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Hi Bunny,
Welcome to the MapWindow community.

I’ve been working with MapWinGIS and Visual Studio 2022 and noticed that the forms designer no longer works because VS2022 hasn’t implemented support for ActiveX controls.
This has been reported at Visual Studio Feedback
You can vote for it to get it higher prioritized.

Perhaps you have this problem as well?

  • Are you running x64 or Win32 version of Windows?
  • Do you want to create a .NET Framework application or a .NET 6 application?
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hi how are you all doing I need some guidance to install Mapwingis , I’m using .net 6 because my code requires higher level c# 8 i would like to use c#9 or newer. Help me please.