Open Bing map layer using

i try to open bing map from but i could not
i try the url link in bing it works good but when i put the code in the
it did not work in mapwingis
i search everywhere but i found no answer or example of solve of this problem
please if anyone know how to solve this problem

    Dim BingMapsKey As String = "j9zDXCzbxVa..........."

    Dim url As String = ",31.481398/14?mapSize=1000,1000&key=" & BingMapsKey
    mainmap.AddLayer(url, True)

Sorry for the late reply.
The Bing provider is already in the Tiles class: axMap1.Tiles.Provider = tkTileProvider.Bing

Just set your API key in GlobalSettings.BingApiKey

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why my C# code does not work

  axMap1.Projection = tkMapProjection.PROJECTION_GOOGLE_MERCATOR;
        new GlobalSettings() { BingApiKey = "my bing key" };
        axMap1.Tiles.Provider = tkTileProvider.BingMaps;

when I run the code, the application exits.

I’m not sure.
Do you have the crash when using OSM as well?

No. It works well when I used OSM. And the website is not in the service.

We know is offline. We’re working on it.
You can use MapWinGIS: Tiles Class Reference for the documentation.
You could enable the tile logging and see what errors are logged.
Perhaps the URL for Bing is changed or something else has changed.

Could you tell me how to enable the tile logging?

Look at GlobalSettings.StartLogTileRequests()

I updated the documentation and added a link to GlobalSettings.StartLogTileRequests() in Tiles.LogFilename

thank you :grin: I will learn more about the Tiles class.