Problem with MapWinGisin Delphi

Hello to all
I’m developing a Delphi application with MapWinGis.
Thanks to the MapWinGis team for this great tool, I had 2 questions
1- Is it possible that after the end of the program, and at the time of running the program in the user’s system, it is not necessary to install this tool, and by placing a few Dlls next to the program, this tool will work properly?
2- I encountered many problems in installing this tool, I made many changes in the unit related to this tool so that the tool was executed correctly in Delphi! Is there a Delphi version that runs without modification?
Thank you for your efforts

Some users have created a Delphi file which can be downloaded at MapWinGIS/ at develop · MapWindow/MapWinGIS · GitHub
I’m not sure how compatible it is with the latest version(s).

For .NET (Framework of Core) you can just put the MapWinGIS files in a subfolder called MapWinGis and using the manifest file created by Visual Studio it should work. After you made some small changes to the manifest file, because it is in a subfolder.
We change this manifest file in a postbuild event for MapWindow5: MapWindow5/Program.cs at develop · MapWindow/MapWindow5 · GitHub
I’m not sure how this works for Delphi.

Hello Paul Meems
Thank you for your guidance
But my problem was not solved
If a solution is found, thank you for letting me know