Single thread v multi thread enviroment

i know the code will work well in a multi thread environment but has anyone set it up to work in a single thread environment. i am referring to the processor environment of the computer. if anyone has i would be interested in having you visit with one of our programers

I’m not sure I understand.
When you don’t implement multi-threading it will be single threaded, right?

What problems are you running into? Perhaps a different approach would work as well.

so from what i understand the app that is going to interface with map-window will only run as a single thread at this time, the programmer is wondering if there is a switch in the code to tell map window to run that way as well. This is over my level but if your interested i could pass on your contact information. im sure he would love to be able to chat with someone who understands it better. you can email me and i will pass it on or give you my programmers info.
dareni at montana .com

Hello @dareni

Every class (except for the Point class) is registered with the multi-threaded apartment model. Being relatively new to the code-base, I can’t say for sure that all of the code is indeed thread-safe, but you can certainly use the control in a multi-threaded application, and you should be able to call into multiple objects from multiple threads.

Does this answer your question?