Why Mapwingis slower than globalmapper

Loading the same map is very slow with MapWingis and smoother with GlobalMaper. My map size 146M, Geotif format, coordinates WGS84. Both should be processed using GDAL,Why the difference in processing speed?Have you ever had the same situation.

Hello @uav

Please describe a little bit more about what you’re doing.

  1. Are you loading just the GeoTiff, or are you loading an entire map (how many layers, how many features)?
  2. If loading layers, what is your data source (shapefiles or OGR)?
  3. What exactly seems slow? load time? refresh time? ??
  4. Have you tried different cache settings in MapWinGIS?
  5. Is your initial map projection the same as the GeoTiff and layers you are loading, or are they being reprojected?

Thank you,

Just loading a local Geotif file ,then zoom in and out, Zoom operation is very slow,redraw time about 6s.Myinitial map prohection is wgs84,so there will be no reprojected.

@uav Do you still see this slowness in the latest version: MapWinGIS v5.3?

If so, is it possible to share your Tiff file?