WMS Service woes

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I’m having some issues getting my wms to display - tested it with QGis so it’s not the WMS.
The base url is:

Been playing with the configuration in the project XML file, but that didn’t change much.

I can dig in the code if you want - a few pointers would be helpful though.

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Mathijs Dumon

Some more testing:
I made a proxy of the url above on my local geoserver and I could get that to display nicely in QGis as well. No luck in MapWindow5

I enabled & checked the geoserver request log and it is receiving correct queries from MapWindow though, if I enter these in my browser I get png files. So perhaps something is broken at the MapWinGIS level it seems?

I still can display some of the WMS services included as examples though… weird.

I just checked in MW5 and can’t get the WMS data either.
Getting the legend works: http://geoservices.informatievlaanderen.be/raadpleegdiensten/GRB-basiskaart/wms?request=GetLegendGraphic&version=1.3.0&format=image/png&layer=GRB_BSK&scale=1&height=30&width=40&LEGEND_OPTIONS=forceLabels:on
The GetCapabilities is also working:
Making me believe the URL is working.

I can get the WMS of another URL: http://geodata.nationaalgeoregister.nl/ahn1/wms

Can you provide an URL to a tile (png/jpeg) that is working in the browser?
Perhaps you need some additional arguments.

This one works for me:

and this one as well:

this is an example of a succesfully received query from MapWindow on my geoserver:

which also works on the actual wms server obviously.


I’ve been bisecting mapwingis since that’s were the error occurs - I don’t have issues with the last release btw, only the development version

this commit still works for me:

the merged changes following that commit related to using libcurl seem to have created this regression. I’ll try to do some more testing this week to see where it is coming from exactly.


Your pull request https://github.com/MapWindow/MapWinGIS/pull/137 is now merged with the dev-branch and it seems to work fine.