WMS url will not disply

Hello MapWindow users,

I have a URL for a WMS raster layer that I am having trouble with. The WMS server URL will not show any layers to add. I press “New”, type in a name, and the URL. Press OK and then “Connect” . As I try different versions of the URL, I either get an error (400 - Bad request) or no errors but nothing shows up but the list of layers to add. Here is the URL:


This loads fine in QGIS, so I know there is data there, I just can’t get MapWindow to display it.

If anyone has had luck with custom WMS servers, please share a URL that works and please try my URL to see if and how I should alter it to MapWindows liking.

I have spent days trying with MapWinGIS, and thought this may be a better way to find a solution. I just want a background image for my map application.

Thank you in advance, David