Crash while changing the projection to WGS84

Hi, I am really impressed with Mapwingis.
But my application crashes the moment I change the Projection to WGS84 after couple of seconds. I am tying to display 4 shape files on openstreetmap using c# with latest Mapwingis and Visual Studio 2022.
Pleasae help.

Hello @alokgsaxena

Are you able to provide the code, in context, that is causing the crash. It would help to get an idea of what you are describing.

I have seen a number of issues with VS2022, so one of these days I will spend some time with it to see if there are compatibility issues, specifically relating to the 32-bit vs the 64-bit OCX.


Hi @jerryfaust,

I spent quite a while trying to get 32-bit up and running, but I gave up (our application is 64-bit anyway). As per my reply in the other ticket - 32-bit doesn’t seem to be required - I presume there is no reason we have to have it in place?

FWIW, I’ve experienced the same type of problem (and some users have too) switching on OpenStreetMaps (though my map projection is typically 27700) - a pause and then app disappears.


Rob H

Hi @alokgsaxena ,

You’re right, I had same issues with 32-bit ocx in VS 2022 and it used to crash a lot for past one month.
I can relate the issue of always crashing with projection change as well.
Later I lost the VS 2022 designer toolbox as well and the 32 bit ocx failed to load.

That’s when I decided to use the 64 bit ocx and it has surprisingly worked well so far. No crashes.
I’m happy with the 64 bit ocx for VS 2022, would suggest you to use the same as well.

I’d still like to stick around in the forum to know the issue with 32 bit ocx because in future I may have to use more third party legacy COM libraries for which the 32 bit target platform is required. Using a 64 bit ocx then could be a problem.


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