Error when working with MapWinGIS v5.3 64bit

I’m trying to translate my application completely to 64 bit.
I installed MapWinGIS v5.3 64bit
However, in this function:

var sfClipResult: IShapefile;
sfClipResult = ObjectsLayer.Clip(False, sfClip, False);

I get Exception class $C0000090 with message ‘c0000090 FLOAT_INVALID_OPERATION’
Although everything works fine on the 32bit version of MapWinGIS…
Is this a problem with MapWinGIS or is there something i can do about it in the application?

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Hello Valeriy.

I’m sorry that I haven’t had time yet to do any testing with the 64-bit version, but one thing you could try is to use the other geometry engine. By default, MapWinGIS will use the GEOS library, but you can also switch it to the Clipper library and see if it makes a difference. See Shapefile.GeometryEngine.


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Hello Jerry.

I tried to use another geometry engine - Clipper, the result is the same… FLOAT_INVALID_OPERATION.
While I refuse 64 bits, I will use the proven 32-bit version.