Cannot install mapwingis 5.3

Back to using MapWinGIS after several years of inactivity. It’s a new Windows 11 computer, so all software installed from scratch. No problem installing and running MapWindow, but I have been unable to install MapWinGIS. Filename is: MapWinGIS-only-v5.3.0.0-x64-VS2017.exe. I’ve downloaded several times and reasonably sure the file itself is not corrupted.

Double-clicking the exe file shows a Windows hourglass for about one second, then nothing. No dialogs, no error messages, nothing at all.

I am stumped. Any suggestions would be welcome.

After much trial and error, I found a solution - at least I’ve gone far enough to display a shapefile. It all stems from mismatched bit-ness, and the distinction between MapWindow and MapWinGIS. I thought I needed 64-bit versions since Windows 11 is a 64-bit OS, however, that’s not quite true because my application is developed in 32-bit MS Access. My findings:

MapWindow 64-bit installs and runs correctly, but the included MapWinGIS.OCX is not recognized by 32-bit Access.
MapWindow 32-bit will not install

MapWinGIS will not install - neither 32- nor 64-bit
MapWinGIS 5.2.4 64-bit will install, but the Map Component does not appear in the list of Registered OCX components.
MapWinGIS 5.2.4 32-bit installs and appears to work correctly. I say “appears” because I haven’t yet fully tested its ability to download and display OpenStreetMap background files - I’ve only displayed a local shapefile.

Only version of MapWinGIS would install. Earlier and later versions failed to run at all.

What a chore…