Help finding tutorials?


I am a new user to MapWindows5 and GIS in general. Can someone please point me to some basic tutorials. I am collection data with Terraflex and would like to be able to sort by attributes of a data layer and then republish them as a sorted group. I can open the layers successfully and found the table properties and query button, but am struggling from there. Any tutorial or user manual would be appreciated. Thank you.


We do have some old videos at MapWindow Youtube channel
You can also post a new topic for each question you have. We will try to assist you as much as we can.
Stuff we need to know:

  • What kind of data: Vector, raster, online
  • What do you want to do
  • What is not working


Hi @SJohnson did you made any progress or are you still struggling with how to use MW5?

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