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Good day!

We have been running MapWindow V5.1.1.30962x86 with MapWinGis ver on Windows 10 x64 computers for two years now.
For our needs, we have added some new methods and build with VS2019 reports no errors.
The program ran smoothly up until now when it suddenly stopped working on one of the computers. It runs fine on the second computer, though.

Please see the attached screen errors!

Is there any mapwindow history file which holds information on program actions or status?
I could really use Your advice on this.
Thank You!



Regards, Vojko

Hello @vzav

@pmeems manages the code for MW5. Perhaps he will have some input?

Hello there!
I figured out that if I delete the \MapWIndow5 folder from C:\Users\MeUser\AppData\Roaming\ the program opens OK.
Is it safe to delete the \MapWIndow5 folder each time when a new build is deployed to the user computer?
Why does this problem come up anyway?

I’ve looked in the code and I see this string is reported in the generic ErrorView class.
Making it hard to find the source of the error.

The MapWindow5 folder from your Roaming path holds the user settings files. It is OK to remove them.
I’m not sure why the error appears when you deploy a new version.

Are you compiling MW5 yourself? If so you could start in debug mode and see why this message is shown.