How can I display the JPEG with georeferencing in the mapcontrol

I am using MapWinGIS map control to display photos, and each photo has lat/long record.

Now I want to display the background JPEG image of the point shapefile( points from the photo lat/long data), which corresponds to it. And when I click the small Thumbnail, I can get bigger or full size image.

How can I display the JPEG inside shapefile with georeferencing, which will automatically display JPEG?

like the following

And how to set the PictureScaleX ??

the code does not work
var ct = sf_photo.Categories.Add(“Photo”);
var opt = ct.DrawingOptions;
opt.PointType = tkPointSymbolType.ptSymbolPicture;
opt.Picture = pointImage;

        opt.PictureScaleX =0.001;   // does not work????? what value can do work?
        opt.PictureScaleY =0.001;

The picture(pointImage) size is very big in the mapcontrol