How to clear ShapeSelected on shapefile


I set up a Roads shapefile only once when I first load the Map. Then when I zoom to a Road, I set the ShapeSelected of the Road I want to zoom to and then highlight it. The problem I now have is that when the User searches to another Road, the highlight stays on the first Road. I tried to set the ShapeSelected = false for the first Road searched on, but it still just stays highlighted. Does anyone know how to clear this on a shapefile without having to open the shapefile again from the disk.



Hello Colleen.

That seems odd, particularly if you are using ShapeSelected = True to tag it. The other thing you can try is sf.SelectNone().


Thanks for this info. It appears I was doing something stupid. I seem to have loaded the Roads Layer again, so I presume the 2nd select was done on the second road layer that was underneath the first Layer so I could not see it. It is working now