How to manage MS4W map server?

Hello! Everybody. Good morning.

I need your help to load local map with MS4W(Map Server For Windows).
I follow the example(, and installed the MS4W.
I get tile maps from SAS.planet and put in C:\ms4w\Apache\htdocs\map
and called at prograom

providers.Add(providerid, “map”, “{zoom}/{y}/{x}.png”, tkTileProjection.SphericalMercator, 0, 13);

It’s works well.

Next, I get other tile map, so backup the C:\ms4w\Apache\htdocs\map
and copy new map file into C:\ms4w\Apache\htdocs\map,
My new tile map images configure is different from SAS.planet’s files
SAS.planet’s files structure is …/{zoom}/{y}/{x}.png
but my map files structure is …/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png
So, I programed like below
providers.Add(providerid, “map”, “{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png”, tkTileProjection.SphericalMercator, 0, 13);

But new map tile doesn’t uploaded to AxMap1.

So, I checked below…

  • size : SAS.planet’s map tile image is 256256 vs my new map tile image is 512512
  • coordinate : my new map tile’s coordinate is EPSG:5179
  • folder and file names :
    SAS.planet’s file name example is …/z6/23/53.png
    my new map file name example is …/L06_1/0/3.png

And now, I don’t know how, what I have to do.

Please help me how to load the my new map tile images.

Thank you …