Interop.MapWinGis.dll in Grasshopper

Hello all,
Firstly im quite new to Gismo. I have a problem here to use the Gismo
After done with installation Gismo in Grasshopper, i tried to run it and as you can see in the attached photo, I cant run it because of the missing file (Interop.MapWinGis.dll)

I tried to find solution in this forum, but didnt understand and know how to rebuild interop creator file.

Can someone explain to me step by step on how to use or solve this, or perhaps any youtube tutorial using Gismo in grasshopper

Thank you so much!

Hello @Shazwan , and welcome.

I had not heard of Gismo prior to your post. And although I might be able to determine what’s going on, I wonder if you have first posted on the Gismo forum, since they will know more about the setup requirements?