Map not showing when start Windows app


I create a new window app, set the Axmap1, knowExtent to keUSA, map projection to Google Mercator, and titleProvider to OpenStreetMap, but when I run the app, the map doesn’t show. Map scale and other properties (like lat, long) are there, but no map! Will anyone help?

Do you use proxy?

  1. If you access Internet via proxy it may also be needed to configure proxy settings for MapWinGIS.

Start with calling:

// it will try to copy settings from IE


The OSM services changed recently.
It is now necessary to send a header with a HttpUserAgent when requesting a tile.
We’ve recently changed this in the dev-version.
Dev-version installers are available at my Google Drive

I have the same Problem.

VS2019 with MapWinGIS 5.2.4 (32bit).
I can see the map at design state, but not at runtime. i don’t have a proxy.

Any idea why i can’t see the map at runtime?

Is this still an issue?
We’ve recently released MapWinGIS v5.3.
Can you download and install that version and let us know if it solves this issue?

sure, I will download and test it