Performance MapWinGIS 5.2

Installed MapWinGIS version 5.2. First impressions: very much performance has fallen. My work project started lagging a lot. For example, if you open a layer with polygons of about 20,000, there are no signatures, and no workings either. The rendering of this layer when zooming is ~ 200 ms. in version 5.1.1, the same layer is rendered in ~ 50 ms. You can try to compare the performance of MapWindow 5.6 vs 5.5. it is very noticeable. What is the reason?

MapWinGIS 5.2

Thanks for the videos. The performance difference is indeed very large.
The changes made in v5.2 are mostly done by @Mathijs.Dumon and @jerryfaust.
I’ll ask them if they have an idea what is causing this.

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Hi Mainxt,

several new features have been added in the rendering of vector layers (i.e. per-category scale dependency, per-feature point rotation using expressions, relatively positioned line segment markers, label generation for dynamic layers)
probably one of these is causing the observed reduction in performance

I’ll see if I can find the culprit.

Could you give me some details on the dataset & the styling used for it?

This is the most common polygon type vector layer. No additional styles… nothing. Number of objects = 20663. Type-polygon (urban development). You can get this effect with any large layer by opening it in MapWindow 5.5 or MapWindow 5.6. there are just different versions of MapWinGIS installed ( and 5.2).

Ok thanks!
Is it a database layer or a shapefile? Shouldn’t matter much, but still good to know.

This Is A Shapefile. But the speed is the same as that of the database layer, only when loading starts, the layer takes longer to load.

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Hi Team,

I am also checked the latest 5.2(MapWinGIS) version and observed loading shape file performance issue and also observed slow performance while panning or zooming operations on map compared to previous version( I have compared with 5.1.2 version). And also checked expression based feature symbology rotation in latest MapWindow5 application and didn’t see any symbology rotation after apply the expression.


@ramkiponnam can you start a new thread about the symbology rotation please.

The new 5.2 still has some rough edges it appears :slight_smile:

I’ve confirmed the performance issue myself - didn’t notice it when testing since I usually work on smaller data sets where the performance drop wasn’t as noticable.
I’ve also found a fix for the issue. I’m testing if nothing else is broken because of it and will commit the change soon.

Fix comitted

Jira Issue:

I’ve just released v5.2.1. It’s available on my Google Drive:
It includes the hotfix from @Mathijs.Dumon

@mainxt: Can you check this version and confirm the speed is similar to v5.1.1?
If so I will create a new release candidate.

@pmeems Ok, I’ll do it in full tomorrow.

@pmeems I tested the new version 5.2.1. Yes, productivity is back in its place. It works the way it should!

Thanks for testing and confirming the fix.

I created a new release candidate:

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