Rendering a Geotiff/Raster Layer

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Hope you all are well. This is my first post, so please go gentle on me! Plus I am a novice developer.

I’ve managed to get the MapWinGIS Demo working and use it as my base for creating my own Winform App. The demo does not contain anything for rendering Raster/Geotiff layers once loaded.

I was wondering if someone could kindly provide a sample project/example.

I could not get the MapWindow5 working, but I don’t need this as all I want to do is load a raster layer and apply render.

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I also want to know it. +1

            ImageClass newImage = new ImageClass();
            string value_type = ImageType.TIFF_FILE.ToString();
            ImageType result = newImage.ImageType;

bool openResult = newImage.Open(rasterfile, ImageType.USE_FILE_EXTENSION, false, null);
if (openResult) //
//Display by RGB mode
newImage.AllowGridRendering = tkGridRendering.grNever;
newImage.UseRgbBandMapping = true;
tkRasterRendering temp = newImage.RenderingMode;
int layerHandle = axMap1.AddLayer(newImage, true);
axMap1.set_LayerName(layerHandle, Path.GetFileName(rasterfile));