I am trying to highlight a selected line and prefer to use saSelectionColor. It works fine to highlight a Road. This is code
With shpRdLineBackground
.ShapeSelected(i) = True
.SelectionColor = vbGreen
’ 0 is transparent, 255 is opaque
.SelectionTransparency = 200
.SelectionAppearance = saSelectionColor
End With

I do exactly the same with lines that are created by the User, but when it zooms to these line it seems to be creating a green sort of triangle. It follows the shape of the line and then a straight line from the start to the end point and shades in the whole area. When I check by using SerializeToString everything looks OK with the line. If I change to saDrawingOptions - it just shows the original line with my SelectionDrawingOptions.

Can anyone point me in the correct direction.


Colleen Crawford