Delete/Cut multiple shapes

Whilst trying to delete (or cut) thousands of shapes simultaneously from a vector shapefile, I find that after the first dialog box (“Remove selected shapes: 32,465?”) I am asked about every single one in subsequent boxes (“Do you want to delete the shape?”). MapWindow 4.8 used to allow me to delete all of them with just the first confirmation box. It is obviously going to take me too long to do this. Any suggested solutions?

NB: A new feature listed in the latest release notes says, “[MW5CORE-229] - Add BeforeDeleteShape events to RemoveSelectedShapesNoPrompt method of Geometry editor”, but I don’t understand enough to know how relevant this is.

Hello @Ditch

I don’t work with MW5 specifically, but I thought I’d have a look so that you could have a response.

Unfortunately, it looks like MW5CORE-229 (added May, 2019) effectively ADDED prompts to the RemoveSelectedShapesNoPrompt method. I’m not sure if that was the intent. Perhaps @Mathijs.Dumon could add some insight, as he was involved in the change?


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Just dropping in to say I’ll be able to have look at it on Monday.


Creates an issue for it:

I have already comitted a fix for it - indeed this was an oversight of me.

Next release should have your fix - I’ll ask Paul when that would be.

Thanks - looking forward to switching over to MapWindow5.