Download Map Window 4.8 .6

To whom it concern,

My name is Alexis, I am working on a government project in Ecuador, related to the hydrological and environmental areas. Some collaborating academics people have recommended me to use WARM-GIS Tools (UFRGS), which is a simple to use plugin, developed specifically for Map Window 4.8 .6.

I searched some repositories, however I could not find it.

Would you please help me telling me if there is a repository where I can download it to install it, or would you send me the .exe, using WETRANSFER please.

Thank you in advance for your kind help


Alexis Pavón

I don’t have the installers for MapWindow v4.* anymore.
It is a really old version.
Do you have the source code of WARM-GIS? It might be best to migrate it to MapWindow v5.

I just looked at Codeplex, our previous home before we went to GitHub.
The Codeplex is not online anymore, but you can get an archive which might have the old installers:

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